Desktop Publishing


As the in-house core of OSC's publishing system, the desktop publishing capabilities of the Imaging Services and Prepress departments help shape your documents into consistent visual statements in any language. Once you've decided to have us manage your project, these teams work to ensure that the final files used in the pressroom are of the same high quality that you envisioned.


OSC has a complete staff of highly skilled desktop publishing operators with a minimum of 20 years in the business. Our team is well-versed in all the major desktop publishing applications on multiple platforms, with added expertise in multilingual publishing and print production. We work directly with our translators and have knowledge of the translation tools and the file format requirements to utilize these tools. To ensure consistent results, our staff prepares the files for the translator, retaining as much of the original formatting as possible to ensure the final product matches the source document as closely as possible. Our operators work directly with you to understand your needs and preferences to be applied during the copy-fit process.

OSC leverages its publishing systems to track revisions and monitor the progress of each project throughout the production process. These systems allow multiple users to work on specific parts of an overall project simultaneously. Another example of how OSC ensures consistency and is able to deliver a quality product in a cost- effective, timely manner.


OSC offers a full complement of prepress capabilities on two continents.

We use a Prinergy PDF workflow for preparation of hi-resolution PDF files, which enables us to ensure that any printer can output reliable, trouble-free files. With the addition of our trap editor for fitting colors together, we are able to assist the printer in producing the best product on press. We also offer digital match prints and digital blueprints to ensure color matching and imposition proofing. Our state-of-the-art digital plate-setters utilize the latest in processor-less thermal plates, so we can produce environmentally friendly, consistent-quality plates, to either of our printing facilities or to the printer of your choice.

With our wide range of technology and services, OSC can customize a workflow to meet your specific needs on a job-by-job basis or as an overall process.