Translation Memory


OSC utilizes the latest in translation memory software (TM), which supports a wide range of workflows and file formats, to ensure that your project is handled with care and efficiency. This support is critical to closely retain the style and substance of your source document. Regardless of the format of this original document, your translations will match it as closely as possible.

Our flexible workflows and range of software enable us to support most common desktop publishing applications, including QuarkXpress and the entire Adobe Creative Suite. If you are preparing Internet-based or other multimedia projects, we can work with industry standard markup languages such as XML and HTML. If your project is created in the Microsoft Office software suite consisting of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, our solution works easily with these applications, too.


With the use of translation memory software we can ensure consistency across your entire project. With real-time database updates, collaborative efforts allow users to create uniform translations and meet stringent deadlines. Analysis tools for review of your submitted documents allow us to determine repetition of content and find matches based on your previously translated materials.

For you, this translates into money saved, since we offer discounts based on that analysis. The more projects we do for you, the better your rate gets! In addition to cost-savings, the database assists in preparing quick, accurate word counts—so you know what you'll be paying for up front. You'll never have to worry about the unpleasant surprise of an invoice that is much higher than the quote.