Electronic Menu Management Information System (EMMIS)


OSC’s proprietary Electronic Menu Management Information System (EMMIS) stores, administers and outputs an abundance of management information and production resources essential to printed menu management. It is customized to our clients’ requirements, and utilized to manage food information, corresponding flights and routings, production and shipping data.


  • interactive, live and shared between our U.S. and U.K. offices
  • electronically calculates the exact number of menus to print and deliver each month from raw flight information transmitted by our clients
  • assigns the correct menu to its corresponding flight, route and meal codes
  • combines menus similar in layout, food and language to save management and printing costs
  • measures and compares current flight schedules to previously existing data for accuracy and inconsistencies
  • electronically generates printing forms and layouts to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies
  • prepares all paperwork necessary to ensure that printed menus are tracked, packed and shipped to the correct stations
  • maintains databases of all design specifications and their applications
  • generates a multitude of statistical and management information reports used for cost and budgeting purposes