Publishing System


OSC uses a workflow publishing solution that tracks the progress of every project throughout its production cycle. The system allows for collaborative efforts in completing a project in a timely manner by tracking and segmenting the components of a project into manageable pieces.

By separating the layout from the content, multiple specialists can concentrate on their parts of the project simultaneously. Through this system, the editors, translators and layout production artists are in constant communication by way of electronic prompts that keep everyone informed of the status of each component. Project managers view a simple interface to determine the status of their jobs.


System-wide settings enable us to apply global formatting changes to ensure consistency across multiple files. A user rights-based publishing scheme allows us to limit access so that the users are only able to open the files in which they need to work. Since every document is tagged with a unique identifier, it is easy to locate files and track changes to each element of a project. Automation scripts are put in place to trigger a variety of events at various stages throughout the production process. These automated processes ensure consistency and accuracy.


With the use of a Web interface, OSC can communicate and collaborate with employees in remote locations and receive real-time updates on content. Since the remote users see the actual live text area (geometry) of the layout, complete with fonts and formatting, this feature enables them to copy-fit as they input their work. Editing and layout touch-ups are a snap!

Our publishing system is an open architecture design that offers integration with many other content management solutions. This allows us to work with your media-independent content regardless of its origin. "What you see is what you get" has never been more true!