Web Viewer


OSC’s in-house Information Technology team has created an online tool for storing and viewing of your projects in an organized searchable manner. Our Web Viewer indexes PDF files of your documents and presents them in a way that allows you to easily sort, filter and view them from anywhere in the world, at your convenience. With secure logons you can assign user-specific passwords to the personnel of your choosing. This eliminates the need to clutter your space with printed samples and allows quick and easy access to your content.

The Web Viewer can be tailored to meet your organizational needs by creating custom indexing and search criteria. The Web Viewer can also be used as a collaborative tool for the proofing and editing process.


  • an unlimited archive of information, categorized for ease of use and to your specifications
  • posted as changes occur, for access by approved personnel, at their convenience
  • files appear with corresponding design, fonts, spacing and artwork in place
  • sorting and filtering capabilities
  • can be linked with pre-existing websites or other systems, to create a single source for client access